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Get a faster and better workflow.

So you are a photographer? Let me rephrase that. So you are a busy photographer? And you have a whole lot of photos waiting to be processed and you are using Lightroom and Photoshop. But are you using presets to help speedup your workflow? I just recently started using the Sleeklens Presets for Lightroom for my landscapes and seascape photos, which I do a lot of and I mean a lot. And I am very impressed by what they can do for my photos and just how much faster they make things go.

A Sleeklens preset is a set of instructions that apply an effect to your photo that if you did all by your self it would take a very long time. But with just the click of a button it is all done for you, now sometimes and I mean just sometimes it is all you need, but most of us want to go further so Sleeklens has a whole bunch of brushes to help us achieve perfection in our processing. Many of the top Lightroom instructors and users will tell you that one of the most important tools in Lightroom are the Brushes and I agree with them. The brushes are what brings our great photos to life. But getting all the sliders in just the right place to brush on the right effect can also take a long time. This is where I found the Sleeklens brushes to be invaluable.

For example. We take a shot at midday and we want it to look more like a sunset. But it needs a lot of work to get those awesome golden colours. Just click on your Sleeklens Preset called "Calm Sunset" and then use the brushes supplied and select the brush called very appropriately "Add Golden Sun" and brush it on where it is needed. It is that simple. There are dozens of awesome brushes to bring out all of those beautiful colours and help you get every aspect of your workflow speeded up. And they will help you get even better finished results.

See the example photos below.

This is the original shot taken in RAW format at Midday and I wanted it to look more like it was taken later in the afternoon and look a bit more like a sunset shot.

Original Image

So I added the "Calm Sunset Preset" in Lightroom and got the image below. Looks a little more like it was taken later in the afternoon. And it was just one click.

Added Calm Sunset Preset

Then I went to work with the brushes to bring out the colours and the depth in the whole image.

Looks like a sunset now.


Now you can take the image into Photoshop and give it some finishing touches OH did I tell you that Sleeklens have awesome actions to do just that in Photoshop. NO. Well they do so check them out.

I was not using the Sleeklens presets until a friend asked me to give them a try and now I am very glad she did ask. The Presets I use are called "Through The Woods." There are Sleeklens Presets for every kind of photography. And just to help you out there are a ton of videos to show you how it is done. I have just tried out the Sleeklens for Adobe Photoshop and I have to say they are just great for getting things done in a hurry, well not too much of a hurry you must always remember to have patience.

 I am not disappointed with Sleeklens Presets and neither will you be.

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