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True Portraits of Nature - Photography by Ray Bilcliff
Lots of local landscape and seascape photos.

image Welcome to my photo galleries. My name is Ray Bilcliff and I'm a nature photographer. We live in a very beautiful world, full of natures awesome photographical wonders and it is not so easy to photograph it all as we see it, it takes a lot of practice and photography 'know-how' so check out my easy photography tutorials. My photos and photography are mostly from local scenes and subjects from around Northumberland in England, but some are shots from far and wide around the world. Nature photography is my passion, I like to photograph all kinds of beautiful things.
Simple and easy to understand hints and tips.

image My photography tutorials are not made up of high tech talk, they are just easy to understand things that you should be thinking about when you are out there doing your photography. I love to photograph all kinds of things from portraits of beautiful women to colourful nature photography of the bugs, leaves and grass. I am in love with the magic of light and my photography takes in a lot of local landscape, beach and seascape photos. Shooting the magic of light and capturing the best bokeh are what I like best of all. So my friend enjoy and thank you for visiting with me.